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From: Daegan Smith
Time: Tuesday 9:39 am
Subject: Earn $738.50 Per Referral On Our 16%+ Converting Trial Offer, $210 On the Second Tier, And Lifetime 50% Recurring Monthly Commissions ...

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       It’s my pleasure to introduce you to the “Maximum Leverage” partner program where you now have the ability to generate $738.50 per sales on our 16%+ converting trial offer, plus $210 on the second tier, and 50% recurring lifetime monthly commissions for for simply introducing people to the free "Maximum Leverage" online DVD course.

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   "Deagan, your Program is by far one of the best converting promotions I have ever run.

   Following your email instructions to the -T- with simple copy and paste emails at the time of day you layout.... Conversions are INCREDIBLE!

   It's a combination of a Great Deal combined with YOUR Awesome Quality product that surely OVER-DELIVERS to my list.

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Mark Call

       For each member that takes us up on the $1 offer (which converts between 10% and 22%) to become a member and remains active you’ll receive up to $738.50 instantly plus 50% residual commission MONTHLY for simply introducing them to the program.

       This means, if you're currently an "Inner Circle" family member (and you should be if you're not) just introduce two people to the “Inner Circle” family and your monthly tuition becomes 100% free.

       Say you introduce just 3 people per month for the next year you’ll earn a healthy income of $48.50 per member instantly and $98.50 per month thereafter or . . .

$3,546 Per Monthly In Complete Residual Income
(Some partners will do even better)

       I’ll do all the follow up for you and you’ll also earn a 50% commission on anything they purchase through us in the "Maximum Leverage" product line in the future even if it’s a live seminar in Maui that holds a price tag of $1997 or more. (Just one commission like that would make for an exciting month)

"Surprised At How Easy Your Page Converted!"

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   "Hi Daegan, I wanted to say thank you so much for offering such a great product at such a phenomenal value.

   I still can't believe how I jumped in the last 48 hours of your launch and hit the 1st place spot. I owe that to your outstanding copywriting. I love the fact you provide all the swipes to promote which makes promoting your product a snap!

   I was pleasantly surprised at how easy your page converted.

   I simply wrote a blog post and with a content syndication network I am a part of the opt-ins started coming in and converting.

   I also posted a testimonial of your product on my fanpage at http://facebook.com/michellealpha and again the traffic started flying in.

   It's easy when you have a product as solid as you have and a track record of high conversions to make money easily, like I did in 48 hours.

   I am looking forward to working with you more in the future. I highly recommend any product you put out and am confident in knowing it's quality.

   You're the best!

Michelle Alpha Pescosolido

Instant $738.50 Commissions On Our High Converting $1 Trial Offer On The First Level Plus An Additional $210 Instatly On The Second Tier!

       That's right ...

       Not only can you earn up to $738.50 instantly for simply referring just ONE person to our Maximum Leverage free DVD bootcamp, but you'll also be rewarded in leverage on the second level.

       With up to $210 per sale on the second level + lifetime monthly residuals there's really nothing to lose, plus ...

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       While most affiliate programs are quietly decreasing their affiliate payouts from 50% to 40% or less to pad their own pockets we've decide to do the exact opposite  ...     

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       Your referrals will be tracked three ways ensuring all referral information is always hard coded to you:

1. Lifetime Cookie
2. Direct IP Address Tracking
3. All Prospects Are HARD Tracked To The First Person To Introduce Them

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"$793.00 Doing Nothing Case Study"
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       The most powerful part about partnering up with me is I’m avid student of marketing myself. I love what I do, I make things extremely simple for you . . .

       Basically, all you’ve got to do is:

  1. Sign up using the simple form below
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       And those you refer will love you for it!

       Each day I’ll send them either valuable free training that can be found no where else online either in story based email episodes, invitations to “surprise” free webinar events, or valuable results based video training, and for you, it’s all autopilot and free.

       Anytime I introduce your prospects to a new product or event I’m holding your referrals will be tagged for a lifetime and so, if they decide to purchase any product in the “Maximum Leverage” product line you better believe you’ll be seeing rogue commissions showing up in your back office like this . . .

rogue commissions

       You see that webinar commission above?

       The partner that got credit for that did absolutely nothing. Because that referral was tagged to them in our system, he’s getting an extra $100 for doing nothing.

       I like surprises, and no better surprise than a little extra unexpected money showing up right?

Completely Hands Free Passive Commissions!

       With our extensive banner ad, email swipe file, and daily creatives made available to you there's no easier or hands free way to create a substantial stream of income simply leveraging your current blog or website.

       It's the lazy man's way to residual income.

       Simply choose from our tested and proven creative library, add the creatives that you like the most to your site, and you're done.

       Then just back and watch the commissions start rolling in.

       To see what some of our live creatives look like, click here to see a live example from one of our stellar partners. (full creatives will be available once you've registered as valued partner).

"Within Minutes I Was Getting Clicks!"

   "Hey Daegan, Just a quick note to "Thank You" for the NEW banners to help monetize my blog even better!

   The layout and colors are killer .... and within minutes of adding them to my blog at http://MarkCall.com I was getting Clicks to my Maximum Leverage affiliate link!

   Not only are you providing some of the BEST training in the World on Network Marketing, Using the Internet ... YOU are giving me a simple "copy & paste" FORMULA to make some great back-end money ....

   All While providing My Team & Readers GREAT Content! Keep em' coming, brother!"

Mark Call

Weekly Payout!

       There's absolutely no waiting 6 our eight weeks like most affiliate programs. I know how frustrating it can be seeing big commissions piling up, but then having to wait what feels like a lifetime to get paid, that's why ...

       You'll get paid your commissions each and every week like clockwork like these ...

“I Just Got Finished Sending Out Some Pretty Big Checks . . . Yours Should Be Next!


       What are you waiting for?

       All you’ve got left to do is sign up as part of the exclusive partner program via the form below. Refer a few people per month through your unique partner link, and let us either send you your commissions monthly via check or paypal.

       I can’t wait to send you fat commissions, and it couldn’t be easier. Join below now and start earning commissions today!

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""His Sales Funnels Convert Like Crazy...""

   "I love promoting Deagan's stuff - for a couple reasons:

   1.)I know he provides top-notch content. So I have no problems with asking people on my list to buy Maximum Leverage- they're going to get their moneys worth.

   2.)Deagan is one of the most astute marketers online today when it comes to conversion. He tracks everything down to the micro-level... so his sales funnels convert like crazy. And he never stops improving them.

   I sent a few emails out to my list promoting Maximum Leverage a couple weeks back. After about 5 days, I had 17 signups, and at $97 per month in residual income from each customer, I'm pretty happy with that!"

Matt Lloyd


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